The Not-so-talked-about Erotic Massaging for Women

How beneficial is erotic massage? More and more women are getting into it for many positive reasons.

Stories about erotic massaging for women are quite common, a blend of both the truth and fallacies that captures the imagination of men, even in today’s technology in which casual sex and pornography on the net thrives. A majority of these stories are about men  giving erotic massage services to women as its most interesting, sought-for point.

The IBIS World reported that in the United States alone, there are an estimated 19,000 spas where many female clientele are more than happy and very much willing to spend more than $15 billion dollars every year in erotic massage services.

There were more than 100 million visits annually, so it’s not surprising that sexy tales of females being on the receiving end of such massages are increasing. In truth, it is women than men spend time and money on sensual or erotic massages than the public is aware of.

How does it affect women?

Apparently plenty of women are drawn by the massage process, therefore making a solid decision to experience the benefits of erotic massaging while others actively seek out a place where they can be pampered by it.

In addition, some of these women present themselves as totally ready for a wonderful erotic experience by making their desire known through body language and their ‘suppressed’ erotic behaviors.

As one erotic masseuse said,  the next several years, he had countless experiences of such women expressing themselves in different ways that they really wanted to unleash their feminine sexual energy in the massage session. These women were either college students or executive types, and most from a vast social spectrum..

Their presonal, erotic testimonies

Erotic massage does not fall into the weird or sleazy category. What they are really after is pleasure, that very important thing which a boyfriend or a husband cannot give them during sex.

For these women, pleasure really is, and will always be the main thing. All thwy have to do is to lay down on the table face down like one would for a whole body massage, and they do not have to participate at all. They also love how sensual it is, and getting orgasms can be quite mind-blowing. It is the kind of sexual experience they never had before, without engaging in sex with the masseuse which can be quite gratifying.

They also claim that erotic massage is really, really enjoyable and unforgettable. Also talking about amd explaining to them the whys and wherefores of erotic feelings during the session makes it even great.

These women feel more confident, more positive in sex, and some have improved sex lives with their husbands  after getting a massage. Indeed, it makes relationships more meaningful, and explosive for them during intimacy.

Some have discovered they are more capable of doing more in sex, such as increased stamina and a series of orgasms, and they love how they have become emotionally, mentally and sexually healthy because of it.

My First Lesbian Encounter.

A real-life lesbian affair that happened in the 90s, where two girls, a very unlikely pair, brought together to share a very special relationship.

I was only 17 when everything started. A tall, lanky girl whose passions for gaming consumed that crucial part of the growing up years. I had never been with any guy; they, to me, are just a bunch of creatures who I can comfortably hang out with, nothing more.

Even when I was younger I always find girls mighty attractive. I knew it was wrong and became fearful of the idea of me being alone with one. And so I tried to suppress that attraction and the fondness that come along with it. It was a successful secret which I have kept since. But it has its price; I get sick sometimes from the guilt of my attraction to the same sex. As years go by I learned to master the art of pretense. I was a shy, quiet, th e average kid who got along well with almost everyone I meet.

Then I met Gertrude.

She was slender, dark-haired and sophisticated. I remember her in school, that lovely thing who walked the halls with so much grace and ease. I clearly remember running to her and she smiled, showing off those pearly whites. Gertrude was medium-built, almost athletic. Hair tied up, with a Trapper Keeper safely tucked on her left arm to the waist.

She was a music teacher and 24 at the time. So yes she smiled and the brief chitchat turned into an invitation from her.

“Let’s have some coffee after class. There is this new album from Pearl.Jam that I think is just amazing… at least that one track that I heard.”

“Sounds good. I just bought a remastered Joy Division the other day ago. Your thoughts about ‘Unknown Pleasures’ will be welcomed, then!”

And so it was agreed that we will hang out after school.

She and I had gotten close. Little did I suspect that we share the same preferences especially girls. Until that one night I was at her apartment she did ask me if I was seeing anyone. I said no.

“I like you, Sarah. And it’s much more than that. I’ll not be fucking humble and ask you to forgive me because I truly feel this way towards you. I love you. And I am very happy to be with you as we are right this fucking minute.”

It didn’t take her long to understand my feelings after that. I pulled her close to me, hugging her. The malicious kind of hug and I didn’t care. Nor did she. We kissed, and there begun an affair that helped me understand love. With Gertrude, even more so.

We lay naked on the couch, I was looking into her gray eyes, speckled with bits of green around the irises. She looked happy and content. And I looked silly, she said. We have gotten together by the end of the schoolyear. I moved to her apartment and scouted for jobs which I was lucky of getting accepted at a pizza store.

It was a happy relationship. We got to spend days and nights with little to no stresses; I continued college, and she is now pursuing a lucrative career as a real estate broker. Life has been good to us.

A Brief Guide to Exciting Your Female Partner

Lesbian relationships are often successful and last long. Here is a short guide for the newly on how to keep the embers of fire burning.

You are both blonde, beautiful. Intelligent. Passionate about so many things which bind you together. The mere touch from your girlfriend has you stirring inside, so you snuggle closer to her, for a kiss.

A deep, lasting kiss that transcends you to another realm. It is a place just for you and her, alone. The two of you are more than just lovers — you are each other’s best friend, a sister of sorts; a trusted and loyal confidante. Enemies for a day or two. But the affection is always present so the two of you kiss and make up, anyway.

Sounds familiar and typical in romantic relationships does it not? One of best ways to keep the bond alive is to stir excitement.

Now, Who does not want that? the overall feeling from physical intimacy can be overwhelmingly good, it’s addictive.

What is so good in a lesbian relationship is that feelings come first. Keeping up with your lover’s emotions is no simple task, but there’s always an advantage from it: getting the response you always want with just a simple touch.

“Let’s get physical… in my bed.”

Word plays are such a turn-on. That, and the aching feeling of wanting to be held can create a series of scenarios in your head, it’s dizzying, but the good kind of dizzy. Putting your hands inside your girlfriend’s shirt can create enough spark that turn into fireworks… Unbuttoning her shirt to exposure her busty chest can turn anyone on……. from a light making out to heavy petting, her responses can be a little aggressive now, submissive the next. And that is just as good thing as starting a fire in exciting your female partner.

“I am seeing stars, baby. Whenever you go down on me…”

Creativity and unbridled imagination are key in exciting your female partner. No matter the position you are in (bed, chair, dining table, you name it) you can always come up with exciting ways in giving your lover some sexy oral pleasure. There are toys specifically made for such combined with some raunchy idea. Your mouth and tongue are still the best to excite her.

That personal 5-minute quick recipe though

Have a quick shower with her, drive her to the grocery or library. If you are feeling frisky, touching your lover in semi-public places can rouse fear and yet, exciting enough to engage.

Sliding your hand inside her shorts or skirt and letting your fingers do the work will have her wanting more. Sliding a finger on her moist clit is enough to get her to climax and it just gets so exciting in less than 10 minutes.

A whole lotta rubbin’

Sometimes being comfortable in your generous cuddles is enough to keep her excited. Press and rub your soft breasts against hers while kissing is quite a good way to start pleasing her. After all, females love to touch and feel the sensation.