How beneficial is erotic massage? More and more women are getting into it for many positive reasons.

Stories about erotic massaging for women are quite common, a blend of both the truth and fallacies that captures the imagination of men, even in today’s technology in which casual sex and pornography on the net thrives. A majority of these stories are about men  giving erotic massage services to women as its most interesting, sought-for point.

The IBIS World reported that in the United States alone, there are an estimated 19,000 spas where many female clientele are more than happy and very much willing to spend more than $15 billion dollars every year in erotic massage services.

There were more than 100 million visits annually, so it’s not surprising that sexy tales of females being on the receiving end of such massages are increasing. In truth, it is women than men spend time and money on sensual or erotic massages than the public is aware of.

How does it affect women?

Apparently plenty of women are drawn by the massage process, therefore making a solid decision to experience the benefits of erotic massaging while others actively seek out a place where they can be pampered by it.

In addition, some of these women present themselves as totally ready for a wonderful erotic experience by making their desire known through body language and their ‘suppressed’ erotic behaviors.

As one erotic masseuse said,  the next several years, he had countless experiences of such women expressing themselves in different ways that they really wanted to unleash their feminine sexual energy in the massage session. These women were either college students or executive types, and most from a vast social spectrum..

Their presonal, erotic testimonies

Erotic massage does not fall into the weird or sleazy category. What they are really after is pleasure, that very important thing which a boyfriend or a husband cannot give them during sex.

For these women, pleasure really is, and will always be the main thing. All thwy have to do is to lay down on the table face down like one would for a whole body massage, and they do not have to participate at all. They also love how sensual it is, and getting orgasms can be quite mind-blowing. It is the kind of sexual experience they never had before, without engaging in sex with the masseuse which can be quite gratifying.

They also claim that erotic massage is really, really enjoyable and unforgettable. Also talking about amd explaining to them the whys and wherefores of erotic feelings during the session makes it even great.

These women feel more confident, more positive in sex, and some have improved sex lives with their husbands  after getting a massage. Indeed, it makes relationships more meaningful, and explosive for them during intimacy.

Some have discovered they are more capable of doing more in sex, such as increased stamina and a series of orgasms, and they love how they have become emotionally, mentally and sexually healthy because of it.

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